Working Across the Aisle in Government: A Latin American Discussion

Country: El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua
February 1, 2022

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The World Movement for Democracy and the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy (Juventud LAC) co-hosted a Crossover Initiative discussion titled “Working Across the Aisle in Government,” on October 28, 2021, featuring Hector Silva (El Salvador), Andrea Villagran (Guatemala), and moderated by Edipcia Dubón (Nicaragua).

Drawing on her experience bringing her community’s voices to parliament, Edipcia Dubón asked Hector Silva and Andrea Villagran about key strategies and skills they are currently using to work with colleagues across political parties to achieve reform. Hector Silva, recently elected as a Councilor for San Salvador’s Mayor’s office, is working to bring more transparency to his community and government accountability. He explains in this discussion that dialogue and consensus with other political parties is the only way to achieve good for the city. Andrea Villagran is the youngest Congresswoman in Guatemala’s parliament, elected in 2017, and has actively worked to establish a legislative agenda that seeks to contribute to the fight against corruption, strengthening democracy, and favoring women’s rights.