What’s Next?

Claiming the Democratic Future

The “What’s Next?” campaign is a World Movement for Democracy initiative led by the next generation of committed democrats to project their visions for a democratic future. With the support of the World Movement for Democracy, youth-led partners in more than ten countries organized brainstorming sessions to articulate their vision for a democratic future.

The “What’s Next?” Youth Declaration is a result of a year-long conversation among young democrats, identifying common values, goals, and strategic areas for collective action. The Declaration outlines three values that young democrats around the world are striving for today: Inclusivity, Accountability, and Social Justice.

Building on the Declaration, the World Movement for Democracy brings together young democratic champions to empower each other by learning and taking joint action to claim the democratic future. Join this campaign and be part a network of young democracy advocates working to mobilize real change in their communities.

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"The next generation of committed democrats is striving for a democratic future underpinned by the values of Inclusivity, Accountability, and Social Justice at its core."

Youth Declaration