These resources, created by World Movement partners, offer tools, insights, and support to individuals in government on a variety of topics. Although they were not created specifically for activists who cross over into government, they may help those who seek to develop strategies for success.

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Crossover: Shifting from Civil Society Activism to Politics
The report summarizes the challenges they faced, the strategies they developed, and the lessons they learned while in government. It was produced by the World Movement for Democracy.
Advancing Women's Caucuses in Legislatures
This document reviews the women’s caucus in Rwanda to explain the added benefits of women caucuses in legislatures. This report was produced by the National Endowment for Democracy (NDI).
Common Ethical Principles for Members of Parliament
Highlighting basic norms that individuals should adhere to while serving as a member of parliament. It was developed by the Open Government Partnership’s Legislative Openness Working Group, with support from the National Democratic Institute (NDI).
Confidence, Capacity, Connections: A Young Woman's Guide to Leadership
Highlighting project planning and networking, this document talks about the realities of being a leader. This document was created by the National Democratic Institute (NDI).
From Winning to Governing Effectively
This guide offers tips and strategies for governing effectively as public servants, with emphasis on the first 100 days in office. This manual was published by the International Republican Institute (IRI).
Election Cyber Incident Communications Plan Template
Providing five scenarios, including disinformation campaigns and social media accounts, this report can prepare one for cyberattacks and how to work with media to establish a plan if a cyberattack occurs. Even though this is focused on campaigns, individuals can use this guide as part of their communication strategy in government. This document was developed […]
Principles of Engagement
These eight principles help government officials engage with civil society leaders to advance reforms that are sustainable and equitable. The Filipino Department of Budget and Management and civil society organizations wrote this document.
Quick Guide to Constituency Outreach
With case studies, this tool includes lessons learned and best practices for establishing effective constituency outreach offices while serving as an elected official. It was published by the National Democratic Institute (NDI).
Principles of Public Participation in Fiscal Policy
This guide recommends how a government can engage with the public to design and implement fiscal policy. This guide was developed by the Global Initiative for Fiscal Policy (GIFT).
Moving Closer to Citizens
Focused on Morocco, this manual offers tools to address the challenges of constituent relations, which can benefit constituents, leaders, and society as a whole. This document was made by the National Democratic Institute (NDI).
Handling Personal Attacks and Criticism
Personal attacks and criticism are common in politics. This guide provides tips to managing them. This document was developed by the National Democratic Institute (NDI).
How to Manage Your Fear and Speak With Confidence
This document outlines eight tips for public speaking. This was created by the National Democratic Institute (NDI).