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Following the “What’s Next? Claiming the Democratic Future” campaign, the World Movement for Democracy is seeking to recognize, promote, and support young leaders that are championing democracy in their communities. The World Movement is looking for two young democracy advocates that are currently working on innovative projects or initiatives to promote citizen-centric accountability in their respective countries. Selected champions will work with the World Movement and the youth network to promote their work globally and inspire more young people to participate in civic activism. In addition, champions will connect with a network of like-minded young people dedicated to advancing the goals and values in the What’s Next? Youth Declaration.

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Meet our Current Democracy Champions

Sandra Zenda, Zimbabwe

Hello Gulö, Indonesia

Sandra Zenda is a human rights defender, environmental activist, and a women’s right leader. By training, Sandra worked as a natural resources management (NRM) and governance expert in rural communities in Zimbabwe. Through her work, Sandra became an active youth and women’s rights champion. As a program coordinator at the Institute for Young Women’s Development (IYWD), Sandra advocates for young women’s meaningful participation in all spheres of life and works to break down existing barriers to enhance democratic participation for all. Sandra leads and coordinates a grassroots women movement from rural, mining and farming communities in Zimbabwe. She is a committed civic space champion striving to build more just and inclusive communities. Learn more about her work here.

Hello Gulö is a storyteller and environmentalist. In 2022, he founded Jadi PNS, a youth-led platform from Indonesia focused on inspiring youth through informative and educational talk shows. Gulö believes that Jadi PNS is a space to help young people engage with important societal issues and spark civic engagement. Jadi PNS has interviewed more than 450 individuals and the conversations address a wide range of contemporary issues, including economic development, good governance, and climate change. Gulö work has been recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization, UN Women, UN Economic and Social Council, US Department of State, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Follow Gulö and his work by clicking here.

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"The next generation of committed democrats is striving for a democratic future underpinned by the values of Inclusivity, Accountability, and Social Justice at its core."

What's Next Youth Declaration