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The World Movement for Democracy is powered by individuals, groups, and organizations who support democracy. While World Movement participants have their own unique backgrounds, they are united in their shared value for democratic principles, institutions, and governance.

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The durability and dynamism of democracy globally requires a worldwide community of people who are united by shared democratic values and a commitment to mutual support and solidarity.

Learn more about how World Movement fosters this community here:
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Last week, World Movement, Freedom Studio and @weforchange held an event for youth leaders in Nepal to discuss tactics for strengthening democracy in their country.

Learn about more of our youth initiatives here:
#WhatsNextforDemocracy #YouthLeaders
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UPDATE: New additions to our Ukrainian Democrats at Risk Resources and Support list include support for journalists from @dw_akademie and @HHMediaSchool. View the full list:
Young leaders discussed best practices for strengthening democratic participation in The Gambia last week at a World Movement / @gmbparticipates event.

Learn about more of our youth initiatives here ⬇️
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This week, young leaders in The Gambia met with World Movement and @gmbparticipates to discuss tactics to pave a way for a strong democratic future in the country.

Learn about more of our youth initiatives here:
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Gambia Participates @gmbparticipates
Young people regularly exhibit their desire & potential to drive positive change when given the chance to organize, voice their ideas, & activity engage in decision making. They also grow a sense of belonging & are more apt to demand & defend democracy. @MoveDemocracy
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