Youth Spotlight: Marr Nyang, The Gambia

August 3, 2022
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Marr Nyang, a 2021 Hurford Youth Fellow and Executive Director for Gambia Participates, hosted a meeting on May 18 with young civil society leaders to discuss tactics to strengthen the democratic future of The Gambia. Marr and his peers identified socio-economic inequalities and lack of political will as current threats to democracy in their country. Through the meeting discussion, they committed themselves to working together with political and civic leaders to pass an anti-corruption bill to promote greater transparency and accountability within government. Pursing new reforms to increase employment opportunities for young people was also recognized as their priority issue. This meeting was held as part of the World Movement for Democracy’s “What’s Next? Claiming the Democratic Future” campaign in which youth leaders around the world gather to discuss their visions for a more democratic future.

Learn more about the discussion here.