World Movement Steering Committee Statement Supporting the Ukrainian People As They Resist Invasion

March 9, 2022
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The Steering Committee of the World Movement for Democracy condemns Vladimir Putin’s military aggression and invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have inspired the world and we applaud their determination to defend their sovereignty, freedom, and democracy. They have set a new height for resiliency, and their ability to self-organize amid chaos and terror has been heroic. This is a result of Ukraine’s democratic experience since its independence in 1991 in nurturing and empowering a vibrant civil society.

Putin’s war is not just about dismantling democracy in Ukraine but is a war against the idea of democracy itself. Ukrainians are not only fighting for themselves, but also defending the principles that democrats around the world cherish. In this fight they are joined by many people from all over the world, including brave antiwar activists in Russia.

This war takes place against the backdrop of autocrats around the world intensifying their repression causing unacceptable human suffering, from Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen to South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and Burma. We must rally against it everywhere.

While Putin mobilizes tanks and rockets, it is our duty to mobilize our own societies in support of a free Ukraine and in defense of democratic principles. This effort will require a generational movement to defend freedom and defeat tyranny.

The Steering Committee draws the international community’s attention to the Kyiv Declaration signed by over than 100 civil society organizations in Ukraine, outlining their requests to the world. Based on recent discussions with the World Movement partners in Ukraine, the Steering Committee also calls on the international community to:

  1. End impunity by supporting Ukrainian and international efforts not only to document war crimes committed by Putin and his miliary forces, but also to hold them accountable;
  2. Ensure a robust flow of independent information about the war and war crimes by supporting independent media outlets and journalists, particularly those in the Russian language; and,
  3. Provide urgent tangible humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian people by coordinating governments, civil society groups, and businesses to empower civil society organizations and democratic institutions in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people are on the frontlines of democracy. We must stand in solidarity with them and reject Putin’s vision of global autocracy. Democracy will prevail.


Tamara Adrián
Ketevan Chachava
Glanis Changachirere
Cholpon Idinovna Djakupova
Ron Deibert
Maxine Tanya Hamada
Robert Hårdh
Maiko Ichihara
Dismas Kitenge
Bassma Kodmani
Sook-Jong Lee
Sofía Montenegro
Nicholas Opiyo
Šimon Pánek
Gina Romero
Hassan Shire
Natalia Taubina
Anita Vandenbeld
Damon Wilson
Svitlana Zalishchuk

You can also view video statements of solidarity for Ukraine from past and present World Movement Steering Committee members by clicking on the images below: