The Gambia Passes Anti-Corruption Bill with Crucial Support from Gambia Participates

February 2, 2024

On December 21, 2023, The Gambia’s National Assembly passed the Anti-Corruption Act, 2023, marking a turning point in the country’s collective pursuit to address public sector corruption. This bill encompasses a range of measures designed to deter, detect, and penalize corrupt practices within both the public and private sectors. Civil society groups, including the youth-led Gambia Participates, played a key role in the passing of the Anti-Corruption Bill, facilitating a clause-by-clause review workshop of the Bill with 49/58 parliamentarians and legislative drafters from the Ministry of Justice. Since 2017, Gambia Participates has been consistently advocating for the introduction of new and progressive anti-corruption legislation. While providing technical support for the National Assembly, it has carried out a campaign for educating citizens across the country on the significance of anti-corruption legislation to improve their living standards. Gambia Participates’ efforts demonstrate the commitment of young democrats to advancing accountability, a key value outlined in the World Movement’s “What’s Next? Youth Declaration” to claim the democratic future.

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