The Business Case for Civil Society

January 15, 2019

Why should companies care about the increasing oppression of civil society? In a new report, Rights CoLab and DLA Piper explore reasons why companies should advocate on behalf of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the face of shrinking civic space and the repression of individual freedoms. Foremost, it notes, “a growing body of research has demonstrated how greater respect for CSOs and civic freedoms increases financial investment, facilitates economic reform, reduces social unrest and allows both ideas and resources to spread at unprecedented rates.”

The report provides several case studies that demonstrate how corporate responsibility and social awareness, or lack thereof, have positively or negatively impacted business revenue, investor support, and employee relations. “As [businesses] engage in public discourse on social issues, companies become important stakeholders in civic freedom, and CSOs become indispensable partners.” The report outlines concrete avenues for partnership between business and civil society. Read it here to learn more.


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