Taking on Gender-Based Violence at Work in Indonesia

May 16, 2019

“Union women leaders in Indonesia are developing unique strategies to educate and empower working women on the rights to safe workplaces free from gender-based abuse,” says a new Solidarity Center blog post. Traditionally, women’s issues have been outweighed by economic demands within unions that represent factory workers. However, women are making their needs heard by spearheading projects that address gender-based violence (GBV) in factories and hospitals. Through these projects, women are mapping the frequency and types of GBV that women experience at work and are engaging with unions and employers to improve work environments.

At the international level, Indonesian unions are campaigning for an International Labor Organization (ILO) convention to address violence and harassment at work. ILO conventions set minimum standards for workers through the United Nations framework. “In June, workers, employers and governments will negotiate final language on a binding convention and recommendation at the International Labor Conference,” the blog notes. Learn more about how women are changing their workplaces in Indonesia and about the importance of the upcoming International Labor Conference.