#SetThemFree Updates

June 20, 2019
Initiative Activity


On June 10, 2019, the government of Nicaragua began releasing dozens of political prisoners, including individuals featured in #SetThemFree—Amaya Coppens, Irlanda Jerez, Miguel Mora, and Lucia Pineda. The government has promised to pardon all political prisoners by June 18, 2019, with the passage of a new amnesty law. However, the law also pardons human rights abuses committed by police officers during protests. Learn more about the situation in Nicaragua.


As democracy activists around the world observed the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, the World Movement highlighted current-day repression of human rights lawyers in China. A new #SetThemFree video tells the story of Jiang Tianyong, a human rights lawyer who was forcibly disappeared for 199 days and held for a year without trial for his work. We spoke with his wife to learn more about his unjust imprisonment and what life is like for the families of human rights defenders in China. Watch his story here.

Region: Asia | Latin America / Caribbean | Topic: Freedom of Expression, Human Rights, Rule of Law