#SetThemFree Campaign and DemocracyAlert Updates

Country: Bahrain, Sudan
September 1, 2016

BAHRAIN: Nabeel Rajab’s trial has been postponed again to September 5. He is currently awaiting trial for charges in relation to his twitter posts in which he spoke out against the use of torture in Bahrain’s prisons. Others from his organization, Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, have had travel bans imposed on them by the Bahraini authorities. On September 1, Rajab will celebrate another birthday behind bars as he awaits his trial. Join the international coalition urging for his release and sign up for a Thunderclap campaign in solidarity with Rajab.

SUDAN: Six Sudanese activists affiliated with the Khartoum-based organization, Center for Training and Human Development (TRACKS), went to court to for their first court hearing on August 30. The activists are being accused of several charges, including: trying to spread false information to damage the Sudanese government, receiving money from the Canadian and Dutch embassies, and training young people on human rights monitoring outside of the National Training Bureau. The second court hearing for the activists is scheduled to take place on September 4. A group of United Nations human rights experts have also urged Sudanese authorities to drop all charges against the activists. Join us in expressing solidarity with the activists by tweeting this message: ATTN Gov. of Sudan: Drop the charges against the TRACKS activists & #SetThemFree!