Revitalizing Multilateralism: Shared Values, Leadership, and Space for Independent Voices

May 1, 2024

Today’s narrative about multilateralism is often skeptical or dismissive. Major multilateral institutions, such as the United Nations, have increasingly failed to provide peace and security in the world. These platforms have increasingly become polarized by competing powers and crowded with competing priorities. However, these multilateral platforms remain relevant for those whose voices are often marginalized and repressed in their own countries. In this article, Ryota Jonen, Director of the World Movement for Democracy, reflects on the importance of multilateral platforms for independent voices highlighting the need for inclusive leadership and meaningful engagement opportunities to ensure a broader representation of the global population in policy-decision processes that are traditionally dominated by governments. Jonen notes that principles, norms, and legal frameworks developed by today’s multilateral institutions are sources of legitimacy for our international human rights advocacy.

Read Ryota Jonen’s full article here.