Puma Shen (Taiwan)

Puma Shen is an Associate Professor at the National Taipei University. He is an expert on white-collar crime, including state crime, disinformation campaigns, and financial crime. His work focuses on the rule of law and human rights advocacy. In 2019, Shen’s article on China’s disinformation chain circulated widely among academics and Taiwanese society, contributing to raising public awareness of Chinese information operations. He is currently investigating United Front activities in Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

He also serves as the Chair of Doublethink Lab, a pro-democracy research center that seeks to bridge the gap between the democracy movement, tech communities, and China experts, to strengthen democratic resilience against digital authoritarianism. Doublethink Lab is mostly known for its flagship project “The China Index”, which measures China’s influence globally, to provide a comparative perspective of China’s influence across countries. In addition, Shen is the Vice President of the Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR).