Natalia Taubina (Russia)

Country: Russia

Since 2004, Natalia Taubina has served as the director of the Public Verdict Foundation, a legal aid organization based in Moscow, Russia. In addition to offering free legal assistance and rehabilitation support for victims of human rights abuses committed by Russian police, the organization also raises the awareness of social justice issues in the country.

Taubina’s expertise is in international human rights standards and mechanisms, human rights in law enforcement bodies, NGO management, and evaluation. From 1997 until 2011, Taubina served as director of the Foundation for Civil Society that disburses financial, technical, and organizational support to non-profits.

She is a regular analytical and evaluations consultant to different charitable foundations, including the Eurasia Foundation, the International Fellowship Program of the Ford Foundation, the Fulcrum Foundation, and the Charities Aid Foundation. Additionally, Taubina is a member of the Expert Council under the Ombudsman in the Russian Federation and the Presidential Council on the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights. In 2013, Taubina received Human Rights Watch’s Alison Des Forges Award.