Gina Romero (Colombia)

Country: Colombia

Gina is co-founder and Executive Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy (REDLAD). She also serves as an independent consultant for international and local organizations working on civic participation, political affairs, and youth and gender issues.

Romero has an accomplished career as a democracy activist and has administered dozens of projects on youth empowerment, with a focus on strengthening democracy and fighting corruption. In 2008, she co-founded the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy (REDLAD) and the Global Youth Network against Corruption, where she has been able to strengthen CSOs’ abilities to advocate for human rights, be more inclusive of vulnerable communities, and build bridges among different actors in the region searching for a Latin America with more dignity for its citizens.

Romero has been recognized with several academic scholarships for her commitment to democracy and strong work as an activist, including: the Draper Hills Summer Fellow; Stanford (USA) – Center on Democracy; Development and the Rule of Law (CDDRL); and the Fellowship of the Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights– Columbia University.