Participant Story: Ketevan Chachava

Country: Georgia
February 25, 2019
Network Update

Originally published on Facebook. 

“With hope and optimism, we founded the World Movement for Democracy believing that “the continued durability and dynamism of democracy globally requires a worldwide community of democrats . . . who are united by shared democratic values and a commitment to mutual support and solidarity.”

The first time I had a chance to be part of #WMD family was 7th global assembly in Peru, Lima. That’s when I fell in love with this amazing organization and group of inspirational people from across the world, which this movement unites. In May, 2018 on 9th General Assembly of World Movement for Democracy in Dakar, Senegal I have been elected as a steering committee member, which is such a great pleasure, honor and privilege. I am so grateful to be part of this amazing movement, which aims to make positive changes across the world every day – step by step, already for 20 years!

I wish this amazing movement great success and achievements of all its bright aims. Join us today for better tomorrow World Movement for Democracy. 

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