Parliamentarians Lead a Call for Global Democratic Renewal

December 15, 2018

As human rights defenders face an increasing array of challenges, it has become clear that parliamentarians must firmly commit to joining civil society members in upholding democratic norms and ensuring basic human rights for all. In recognition of this need, a group of parliamentarians convened at the Ninth Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy to begin drafting a letter entitled the “Parliamentary Call for Global Democratic Renewal.” On Human Rights Day, signatories to the letter launched a campaign encouraging their parliamentary peers to make a concrete commitment to upholding democratic ideals by signing on.

In addition to creating accountability for parliamentarians, the letter also outlines actions that legislators can take to protect democratic norms. “These actions include addressing disinformation campaigns and the weaponization of social media, advancing the political inclusion of minorities and marginalized groups, encouraging accountable governance of the people through fair elections, and insisting on the safety of parliamentarians and civic activists who may be targeted for their efforts to uphold human rights.” View the letter here, and join the movement by calling on your parliamentary representative to sign on.