Nigeria’s 25-Year Democracy: Time to Negotiate a New Social Compact with Citizens

June 17, 2024

June 12 marked 25 years of democracy in Nigeria, a testament to the collective will of Nigerians and their commitment to democratic principles. Yiaga Africa honors the courage and resistance of those who fought against authoritarian rule, paving the way for democracy. In reflecting on Nigeria’s democratic progress over the past quarter-century, Yiaga Africa recognizes the political, social, and economic gains that the country has experienced, while noting that challenges like election malpractices, corruption, and underrepresentation of women, youth, and disabled individuals persist. To address these issues, Yiaga Africa proposes negotiating a new social contract to restore trust in government, ensure accountability, and protect human rights through strengthening democratic institutions, promoting political education, fostering dialogue, and upholding human rights are essential for a resilient and equitable society.

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