New Learning Center Documents History of Global Women’s Movement

September 18, 2018

This month, the Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) debuted its new Learning Center—a collection of more than 500 resources for human rights activists and researchers that includes WLP training manuals, documentary films, event archives, legal reform research, and more in over 20 languages. The Learning Center documents the history of the global women’s movement and aims to make previously inaccessible resources, such as interviews with women leaders and oral histories, readily available to all.

The resources include WLP’s foundational training manual, “Leading to Choices,” which aids the capacity development of women leaders and provides a methodology for successfully adapting women’s leadership training to different environments. “’Leading to Choices’ is easily adapted to suit diverse cultural, political, and socio-economic needs of different audiences.” The manual features twelve interactive sessions, along with tips on how to create workshops on dialogue, collaboration, and mutual respect for those who are new to facilitating workshops. Check out the manual here and surf through the vast resources available in the Learning Center.