New Freedom House Report: Free Them All 2024 “Visible and Invisible Bars”

February 2, 2024

As part of Freedom House’s work to help free political prisoners and push back against the jailing of activists, this report examines political imprisonment and repressive tactics to deprive opponents of participating in society in six different countries that have experienced democratic backsliding in the past 20 years. Freedom House identifies that along with imprisonment, autocratic regimes are deploying restrictions over travel, physical monitoring, blacklisting, and seizure of assets to suppress individual opponents. A key finding that emerges from the six countries’ case studies, is the central role of a compliant judiciary, which not only serves as an enabler of political imprisonment but can also drastically limit victims’ opportunities for recourse and accountability. This report also provides recommendations for democratic governments, donors, and civil society to support political prisoners and address the systemic conditions that enable autocrats to deploy repressive tactics.

Access the full report here.