Young Asians Making the Promise of Democracy a Reality

September 20, 2017
Initiative Activity | Network Update

The Network of Young Democratic Asians (NOYDA) is a network of youth leaders committed to building a democratic society in Asia. Faced with new challenges and opportunities, the core membership of NOYDA convened a meeting in Taipei, Taiwan on September 8-10, 2017, to develop a strategic plan and build a flagship campaign for the coming year.  Participants exchanged ideas, explored analytical frameworks, and engaged with local activists to think through regional priorities and responses to challenges that threaten development and democracy in Asia.

Through the exchange of information and ideas, NOYDA members depended their understanding of lessons learned and best practices in consolidating democracy in Asia.  Participants created a shared understanding around the political and social landscape in their respective countries and shared stories of activist struggles within the movements they represent.  These discussions also focused on how to build a narrative of sustainable development to promote democratic values and re-energize youth political participation. Moreover, the Taipei meeting generated a democracy promotion strategy for the network, formalized its structure, and instituted an outreach strategy.  

What to expect from NOYDA in the coming year?

NOYDA is leading their flagship campaign called Stories of the Frontiers, which currently advocates for the release of 16 political prisoners in Hong Kong. The campaign aims to counter the negative narratives surrounding the 16 student Umbrella Movement activists, who are currently behind bars by amplifying their stories through letter writing.  The 16 student leaders write letters to the public to share stories about their life, values, and experience behind bars. To express solidarity with the 16 activists, sign this petition!

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