Localizing Preventing Violent Extremism Strategies in Lebanon

August 15, 2019

The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS) has released a set of recommendations for preventing violent extremism (PVE) in Lebanon, which “draws on the country’s history, as well as its social and political characteristics and trends.” The research project comes in response to a government announcement that it will draft a national strategy for PVE. The recommendations consider a wide variety of issues, from criminal justice reform to education and women’s issues, “promoting a holistic and nondiscriminatory approach to applying PVE in Lebanon.”

Among many recommendations, LCPS suggests that the Lebanese government should strive to increase national inclusivity, limit the spread of violent extremist messages, and address the grievances of marginalized communities. To prevent the spread of violent extremist messages through traditional media and social media platforms, LCPS suggests that policymakers provide local media with more access to political processes, teach the general population to question the reliability of online information, and cease the practice of persecuting individuals for expressing moderate opinions online. Additionally, the brief states that the Lebanese government must acknowledge and implement policies to address struggles faced by marginalized communities throughout Lebanon to prevent extremist groups from recruiting members of marginalized groups. Read all of the recommendations in the brief here.

Region: Middle East / North Africa | Topic: Civic Education, Conflict Resolution, Strengthening Political Institutions