Lightning Talk: Defending Digital Information Space

May 31, 2018

In a lightning talk on “Defending Digital Information Space,” Daniel Milo, Senior Research Fellow at the GLOBSEC Policy Institute, discussed how GLOBSEC managed to reach youth in Slovakia with messages about disinformation by utilizing the capabilities of two popular YouTube stars, rather than traditional methods. The two young Internet celebrities were asked to begin spreading false information about each other in an online “war.” Their respective supporters quickly joined in without thinking to fact-check any of the information or consider alternative narratives. In the end, the two YouTubers released a video together announcing that their feud was fake and urging their viewers to always fact-check their information and be wary of disinformation on social media. “With the level of global distrust towards media and NGOs hitting record numbers, you must look for unorthodox communicators—Youtubers, online celebrities, pop stars, actors—whatever works for you in your context, and target group,” noted Milo.