Introducing World Movement for Democracy’s 2024 Hurford Youth Fellows

March 15, 2024

The World Movement’s 2024 Hurford Youth Fellows are here! The Hurford Youth Fellowship seeks to build leadership skills and harness the potential of young democracy activists from around the world.

Celine Samson, The Philippines: Celine is the head of the online verification team at VERA Files, a Philippines-based media nonprofit that conducts in-depth reporting and fact-checking.

Christine Magoma Oumar, Kenya: Christine is the founder and executive director of Tek4Peace Africa, an organization that leverages technology for social cohesion and development in Africa and has been running as a YouTube video series since January 2023.

Ezaldeen Abushaar, Yemen: Ezaldeen is a digital media manager at Youth of the World Together (YWT), where he develops digital media strategies for driving positive social change and youth empowerment in Yemen.

Oleksandra Zurian, Ukraine: Oleksandra is the retreat and training coordinator at Tbilisi Shelter City, an organization that provides temporary support to human rights defenders at risk.

Learn more about them here.