Strengthening the Voice of Business to Support Democratic Governance

September 8, 2017
Initiative Activity | News

The World Movement for Democracy, Center for International Private Enterprise, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Africa Business Center jointly launched an initiative to enhance private sector, civil society, and government collaboration. The goal of this initiative is to strengthen democratic governance by building new avenues for economic participation and freedom that enhances existing market economies.

Expanding business opportunities depends on democratic institutions’ ability to create a stable environment for steady and long-term business growth.  In this regard, developing responsive public and economic policies is critical.  The private sector has been an important force in shaping such policies.  With its extensive reach in various communities, civil society can significantly contribute to developing policies. This joint initiative cultivates the mutual interest among business, civil society, and policy makers and promotes consultative collaborations to build a prosperous and free society.

This initiative seeks to:

  • Strengthen democratic governance that responds to needs of the public;
  • Enable emerging leaders from civil society, government, and the private sector to Incubate new ideas and respond to the public’s needs collectively; and,
  • Build mutual trust among the sectors.

Region: Africa | Topic: Economic Development & Democracy, Strengthening Political Institutions, Transparency, Anti-Corruption and Accountability