Imagining the Future of Democracy in Pakistan

October 15, 2018
Initiative Activity

At a three-day consultation in Lahore, Pakistan, the World Movement collaborated with MaatiTV to convene 36 activists representing various professional, religious, and ethnic backgrounds to discuss the future of representative democracy in the country. As a part of the World Movement’s MIRAI Initiative—a new campaign to ignite conversations on how people imagine the future of democracy—this event encouraged participants to be creative in considering the future of civic engagement, representative democracy, and independent media in a challenging environment.

Participants creatively imagined how to make democratic institutions more accessible and transparent for all citizens, like voting through a secure app, livestreaming parliamentary sessions on social media, and creating cartoon characters like “Democracy Man.” Hear more about what consultation participants had to say in  MaatiTV’s video “What Is the Future of Our Democracy?

To set the tone for discussion, MaatiTV created three informational videos explaining how representative democracy, civic education, and providing space for independent media align with the values of Pakistanis and benefit society as a whole. Watch them below:

Interested to hear more about the meeting? Check out what participants had to say on Twitter here: