Debunking Disinformation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Country: Bosnia
August 15, 2019

Darko Brkan, founding president of Sarajevo-based civil society organization Zašto Ne (“Why Not”), explores the “methods, sources, motives, connections, actors, and other aspects of the disinformation landscape” in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in a new blog. The blog analyzes the results of Zašto Ne’s online disinformation-debunking portal, which collected 2,420 media articles published by 752 media outlets and classified each article as one or more of fourteen disinformation types defined by Zašto Ne.

Of the fourteen types of disinformation, the analysis finds that politically motivated “fake news” articles were the most common type of disinformation. According to Brkan, analysis indicates that political and state actors are utilizing disinformation to undermine pro-democratic actors in the region. Notably, “it found that while most sources of disinformation in BiH are domestic, a tightly knit hub of foreign outlets disproportionately uses a variety of disinformation tactics to push a counter-democratic agenda in the country.” Through its research, Zašto Ne aims to bring nuanced awareness to the issue of disinformation in BiH. For the full analysis, check out the full blog here.