Cuban Authorities Transfer Caimanera Protesters in Prison to a “Sanctioned” Detachment Without Explanations

November 17, 2023

On November 2, 2023, Luis Miguel Alarcon Martinez and Daniel Alvarez Gonzales, two young Cubans who were imprisoned for participating in a peaceful demonstration in Caimanera on May 6, were transferred to a detachment for “sanctioned” prisoners even though they are still awaiting trial. Alarcon Martinez and Alvarez Gonzales were violently arrested along with three other protesters for demanding freedom in Cuba. While the other protesters have been released Alarcon Martinez and Alvarez Gonzales remain in prison and have been accused of disrupting the public order. Cuban authorities have denied the repression of peaceful demonstrators in Caimanera despite the photos and videos that private citizens circulated on social media.

Read more about this case here (Spanish only).