Brazilian Civil Society Organizations in Court to Protect Public Review of Legislation

Country: Brazil
May 19, 2020

Conectas Human Rights, Institute for Defense of the Right to Defense (IDDD), Instituto Socioambiental (ISA), and the Alana Institute are arguing a case in Brazil’s Supreme Court against the attempt by the Bolsonaro administration  to change the country’s legislative process, which would have the ultimate effect of letting it decree laws without the review of Congress. Currently, Brazil’s legislature must review any measures ordered by the President in order for them to become permanent. The Bolsonaro administration has proposed to do away with that requirement until the COVID-19 pandemic is over, and this group of nonprofits contends that allowing the executive branch to pass laws without the review of the legislature or civil society would do lasting damage.

Gabriel Sampaio, of Conectas, said this proposed change would make it impossible for civil society to “participate and democratically influence debate and expand the material concept of democracy.”

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