Our Global Assemblies

Empowering Civil Society for Democracy and Its Renewal is the theme of the Eighth Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy, to be held in Seoul, Korea, on November 1-4, 2015

Some 450 democracy activists, practitioners, scholars, and donors from more than 100 countries will travel to Seoul for a wide range of practical workshops and panel discussions focused on the general theme, as well as on youth engagement and empowerment, defending civil society, and building democracy movements by drawing on a wealth of experiences from around the world.  The Assembly will focus in particular on ways to prevent transitions to democracy from breaking down, getting established democracies to re-commit to support democracy and help prevent backsliding, and the need to move from protest to politics in those places where breakthroughs to democracy occur.  In addition to providing space for participants to teach and learn from each other, the Assembly will also foster relationships of cross-border solidarity worldwide.

Korean Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn will present remarks at the opening session on Sunday, November 1st . Mayor Park Won Soon will host a Korean Cultural Evening and Dinner for all participants. The highlight of each Assembly is the presentation of the World Movement’s Democracy Courage Tributes at the concluding John B. Hurford Memorial Dinner.  The Tributes honor groups and movements that have demonstrated extraordinary courage in their work, but often outside the spotlight of world attention.

The World Movement’s partner on the Assembly is the Seoul-based Secretariat of the Asia Democracy Network (ADN) managed by the Korea Democracy Network (KDN), which is comprised of  the Center for Korean Women and Politics (CKWP), the East Asia Institute (EAI), the Korea Democracy Foundation (KDF), and the Korea Human Rights Foundation (KHRF).

Attending the Eighth Assembly is by invitation only.  If you have any questions about the Assembly, please email assembly@ned.org.