The World Movement for Democracy held its Eighth Assembly, entitled Empowering Civil Society for Democracy and Its Renewal, in Seoul, South Korea, on November 1-4, 2015

More than 400 democracy activists, practitioners, scholars, and donors from more than 100 countries traveled to Seoul to attend the event. The Assembly featured:

  • Panel discussions with leading political and civil society leaders from around the globe;
  • Over 50 practical workshops that focused on regional and thematic challenges confronting activists today;
  • Networking with fellow activists, donor organizations, and parliamentarians;
  • Democracy Fair with interactive advocacy opportunities;
  • Courage Tribute Awards and cultural performances; and
  • Private tours of South Korean democratic institutions.

Please click items on the menu below to explore highlights and summaries of the Assembly discussions.  To request a paper copy of the Eighth Assembly report, please email us at


The World Movement’s partner on the Assembly was the Seoul-based Secretariat of the Asia Democracy Network (ADN) managed by the Korea Democracy Network (KDN), which is comprised of  the Center for Korean Women and Politics (CKWP), the East Asia Institute (EAI), the Korea Democracy Foundation (KDF), and the Korea Human Rights Foundation (KHRF).