Civil Society Calls For Independent Investigation in Lebanon

Three Lebanese human rights activists who requested a permit to organize a peaceful sit-in at Samir Kassir Square in Beirut, Lebanon have had their names leaked online. Shortly after the leak, the three organizers received death threats and cancelled their July 18 sit-in, which aimed to draw attention to the systematic discrimination Syrian refugees endure in Lebanon.

The leak and the resulting threats are the most recent example of an increasingly tense political climate in the country that has coincided with the influx of refugees. Two weeks before the scheduled sit-in, the Lebanese Army raided two refugee settlements near the Syrian border in Arsal, Lebanon. During the raids, five suicide bombs and a grenade exploded, killing a four-year-old Syrian girl and wounding seven Lebanese soldiers. However, the Lebanese Center for Human Rights (LCHR) reported that after the attacks, the army detained 350 refugees from the settlements and allegedly tortured and killed at least four Syrians while they were in custody. Read Human Rights Watch report on the situation and call for an independent investigation here