Ninth Global Assembly Democracy Courage Tributes Recipients

Advocates for Rule of Law in Africa

Accepted by Thuli Madonsela, former Public Protector of South Africa (2009-2016).

Over the past year, advocates for the rule of law in South Africa, Kenya, and Liberia have displayed true independence in holding fellow government leaders accountable and protecting the integrity of democracy.

With this Tribute, the World Movement wishes to recognize both the engaged members of civil society and the courageous defenders of democracy within government institutions who remain committed to transparency, integrity, and accountability in Africa.

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Human Rights Lawyers in China

Accepted by Jin Bianling, the wife of Jiang Tianyong, a political prisoner who was detained and forcibly disappeared by Chinese authorities.

On July 9, 2015, Chinese state security forces arrested, detained, disappeared, and forcibly questioned more than 300 human rights lawyers and legal activists in a widespread repression which would later be known as the “709” crackdown—one of the largest coordinated suppressions of human rights defenders in decades.

With this Tribute, the World Movement remembers and honors the resilient human rights lawyers of China who defend others at great personal risk.

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Nightcrawlers Photojournalists in the Philippines

Accepted by Raffy Lerma and Ezra Acayan of the Nightwatchers.

The Nightwatchers are a group of photojournalists take the “night shift” to capture and publish images which bring the disturbing reality of Duterte’s war on drugs to light.

With this Tribute, the World Movement honors the work of the Nightwatchers who operate at great personal risk in an environment where the president has endorsed the killing of activists who “obstruct justice.”

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