World Movement to Host 9th Global Assembly in May 2018!

The World Movement is pleased to announce that its 9th Global Assembly, entitled “Building Strategic Partnerships for Democratic Renewal,” will take place on May 6-9, 2018 in Dakar, Senegal. Building on the World Movement’s 2015 statement, “A Call for Democratic Renewal,” the Assembly will bring together hundreds of leaders from civil society, political society, the business community, labor unions, think tanks, religious communities, and others to exchange ideas about, and develop partnerships for, addressing today’s challenges to democracy.
The Assembly will offer discussions and workshops on a wide variety of issues including: defending universal democratic values, ensuring democratic internet space, addressing disinformation efforts by authoritarian governments, strengthening civil society’s capacity for democratic governance, and building a stronger unity among democratic actors, among others. The World Movement is excited to hold the Assembly in Senegal, which is effectively consolidating democratic institutions and providing democratic leadership in the African region. Stay tuned for more information as the Assembly approaches.