Defending Civil Society Toolkit Consultancy (PDF)

The World Movement for Democracy seeks a consultant capable of inventorying the Defending Civil Society Toolkit, which the World Movement intends to update in 2017. 


The Defending Civil Society Toolkit is an online resource that provides tips, tools, and strategies for organizations and activists around the world on how to engage in non-governmental organization (NGO) law reform processes. It contains information on understanding and assessing the legal environment, building a civil society organization (CSO) coalition, and engaging government, legislators, the diplomatic community, and the media. Content for the Toolkit was developed in 2012 with input from hundreds of civil society representatives in over 40 countries.

Scope of Work:

The consultant will help the World Movement take the first steps in revamping the toolkit by suggesting ways to update and potentially re-organize and re-format the toolkit. The objective of the consultancy is to identify:

  • elements of the toolkit that are obsolete and can potentially be illuminated;
  • elements of the toolkit that are no longer current but should be updated or further developed to reflect current trends in civil society globally; and
  • new topics, themes and tools that can be added to the toolkit to help NGOs address challenges they currently confront.


A written inventory of the complete toolkit including recommendations for elements requiring no change, elements to be illuminated, elements to be updated or further developed, and new elements to be added. Each recommendation should include a brief rational for and description of the change recommended.


The consultancy will commence August 3, 2017. We anticipate the consultancy will take a maximum of 20 days to complete. The consultancy must be completed, and all deliverables submitted, no later than September 18, 2017 by COB EST.


  • Extensive knowledge of civil society and the challenges it confronts in multiple regions.
  • Experience developing capacity building tools for organizations and activists in the global south.
  • Background in non-profit or human rights law.

If you are interested in applying for this consultancy please submit a resume, cover letter, three references, and your consultancy rate to Dani Agyemang at (+1 202 378 9628) by COB EST July 16, 2017. 



The Hurford Youth Fellowship Program, facilitated by the World Movement for Democracy, seeks emerging democratic leaders from around the world who are committed to building their leadership skills, enhancing their organizational talents, and harnessing their potential. Through the Hurford program, two young activists will spend four months at the World Movement’s Secretariat office in Washington, D.C., where they will expand their global network, learn lessons from activists involved in democracy movements around the world, and contribute to the development of the World Movement for Democracy and the World Youth Movement for Democracy. Hurford Youth Fellows will conduct research, organize presentations and online discussions, as well as information-sharing sessions on key democracy issues. A project completed by the Fellows will be publicized and shared globally.


The fellowship is open to applicants no older than 30 years of age from any country. Additional information can be located in the Fellowship Booklet and the FAQ Handout

Hurford Youth Fellow applications can be found here. Applications for 2017-2018 are being accepted from March 1, 2017 until April 17, 2017. 



We welcome internship applications from all students interested in gaining valuable office experience, working on communications, conducting research, attending events at the National Endowment for Democracy, and learning about what it takes to run a worldwide network!

  • Internships are located at our Washington, DC office at the National Endowment for Democracy
  • Interns receive a $10 per day stipend for travel expenses
  • Prior arrangement with your school for academic credit is required
  • Internships are offered for the spring, summer, and fall semesters

Addtionally, the Syracuse University’s Maxwell School has partnered with us to establish the Anna Pkhrikian Memorial Internship, which is open to current graduate and undergraduate students of the Maxwell School.

If you are interested in submitting an application, contact us or visit for open internships.

Other Opportunities

The Secretariat is based at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Washington, DC. Please visit for open full-time positions.

Call for Democratic Renewal (Translations Available)

Steering Committee Statement:

"A Call for Democratic Renewal" 

“What is needed today is nothing less than a revival of democratic will that will bring about a new period of democratic progress.”

The past decade has been marked by the deterioration in global freedoms and the emboldening of authoritarianist regimes to undermine democratic ideals at home and abroad.

The Statement rallies activists, governments, and citizens to push back against the wave of resurgent authoritarianism. To read the full statement, please select your preferred language below.