Happy International Women's Day! Statement

[March 8, 2017]

Happy International Women's Day! Statement

Women’s Rights

Dear World Movement Participants,

Today on International Women’s Day, the World Movement for Democracy celebrates the tenaciousness of women who fight for a future where women and men live in an equitable society. With women only occupying 23% of parliamentary seats in the world, societies need to be assertive in promoting women’s rights to participate in politics and decision-making processes.

 Watch Svitlana Zalishchuk, Ukrainian Parliamentarian & Steering Committee member of the World Movement for Democracy share how she is driving change for women. 

Here's how the World Movement for Democracy and World Movement participants celebrated on Twiter

Leading up to the June 2017 parliamentary elections, Albania’s Women's Network for Equality in Decision is tackling these issues by providing trainings for emerging women leaders, building stronger ties between voters and women politicians, and working with media for fair coverage of female politicians. Through their virtual platform, they have built a networking hub for Albanian women to connect, learn, and organize.

In Uganda, Women's Democracy Network (WDN-U), a women’s membership organization, works to inspire women to become active in the public sphere. Recognizing that elected leaders often lack expertise to address citizens’ concerns, WDN-U works to ensure that politicians are equipped and more open to hearing feedback from their constituents, especially women. With this, WDN-U seeks to build a common understanding of citizens’ rights, give legislators the opportunity to hear their concerns directly, and ensure gender equity in political processes.

On a global scale, women’s networks and organizations need to collaborate to share best practices across regions. The Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP) is a collective of nearly 20 self-governing, grassroots women's rights organizations in the Global South. Together, they push back on traditional roles for women and stand up for equal rights through national and global campaigns.

From local to global networks, women are building the foundation for equitable representation in business, politics, and local communities. They are pushing for societies to break free from preconceived notions and visualize a future that makes space for women leaders to play a more robust part in our governments.

Join us in celebrating the progress made and committing to take action in support of women’s rights around the globe. SHARE and tell us what daily actions you take to drive change for women.


World Movement for Democracy Team