A Call for Action - Voices from the Frontlines

Watch the World Movement for Democracy's new video series, “A Call for Action – Voices from the Frontlines,” featuring stories of our Steering Committee members who are among the world’s leading activists, politicians, and academics. Although their perspectives are unique, they are united in their belief that civil society is essential in defending freedom.

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Tamara Adrian | Moving from Activism to Governance   

Tamara Adrian (Member, Venezuela’s General Assembly) describes ways that Venezuelan civil society fills the gaps in social and information services and shows their resilience in bringing democracy back to Venezuela.

Ladan Boroumand  | Telling the Truth of Iran’s Disappeared

Ladan Boroumand (Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation) honors the memory of thousands of Iranian men, women, and children who have been murdered by the Iranian government.


Glanis Changichirere | Inspiring Women Leaders 

Glanis Changachirere (Institute for Young Women’s Development) is pushing back on Zimbabwe’s patriarchal and authoritarian society by empowering women to play an active part in their communities.


Ana Gomes | Defending Europe's Democratic Principles

Ana Gomes (Member, European Parliament) uses her role as a Member of the European Parliament to hold European governments accountable and fight on behalf of political prisoners.

Robert Hårdh | Protecting Activists in the 21st Century

Robert Hårdh (Civil Rights Defenders) argues for a more innovative way to use technology and creative problem-solving to combat the growing number of threats against activists.

Bambang Haramurti | Strengthening Democracies with a Free Press

Bambang Harymurti (Tempo International Media) highlights the critical role the free press plays to speak truth to power in both vulnerable and established democracies.


Radwan Masmoudi | Defining Democracy Through the Lens of Islam

Radwan Masmoudi (Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy) changed his life and career because he believed in Tunisia’s democratic future. Five years after protests brought down Tunisia’s authoritarian ruler, he reflects on the historic shift and what will protect Tunisia’s budding democracy. 

Svitlana Zalischuk | Transitioning from Journalist to Politician

Svitlana Zalishchuk (Member, Ukraine Parliament) discusses her journey from journalist to activist to politician and the transformative power of social media in democracy movements.


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Steering Committee Statement:

"A Call for Democratic Renewal" 

“What is needed today is nothing less than a revival of democratic will that will bring about a new period of democratic progress.”

The past decade has been marked by the deterioration in global freedoms and the emboldening of authoritarianist regimes to undermine democratic ideals at home and abroad.

The Statement rallies activists, governments, and citizens to push back against the wave of resurgent authoritarianism. To read the full statement, please select your preferred language below.