[September 3, 2015]

Murdered, Beaten, Disappeared: Prospects for Human Rights in Mexico

Latin America/Caribbean, Freedom of Assembly and Association, Freedom of Expression, Human Rights
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[August 6, 2015]

Students Protests Grow Against Curriculum Revisions in Taiwan

Asia, Freedom of Assembly and Association, Youth

At National Taichung First Senior High School (TCFSH), one of the leading high schools in...

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[April 23, 2015]

23 Ways to Celebrate World Book Day


April 23 is World Book Day, an annual event created by UNESCO to celebrate reading, writing, and publishing.

Knowledge is truly power, and books can provide us all with the...

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[April 10, 2015]

This Law Breaks My Heart

Eurasia, Minority Rights
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[March 26, 2015]

Reflections from Dakar

Africa, Youth, Defending Civil Society

The World Movement for Democracy recently...

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[March 27, 2014]

Looking for Europe, We Have Found Ukraine

Central/Eastern Europe, Freedom of Assembly and Association

By Anna Tovstukha, Center for Social Partnership, Hurford Youth Fellow

I remember very well how it all started. Well-known Ukrainian journalist Mustafa Nayem posted a short message...

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[March 24, 2014]

Appeal to the World Community

Central/Eastern Europe, Freedom of Assembly and Association, Peace and Conflict Resolution

By the Lion Society on behalf of Ukrainian civil society activists and NGOs

Today, our country Ukraine is on the brink of disaster.
Fundamental human rights to life and...

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[March 10, 2014]

I Am Far but I Care

Latin America/Caribbean, Freedom of Assembly and Association, Freedom of Expression

By Kevy Nathalie, Un Mundo Sin Mordaza

I have been away from Caracas, my hometown, for seven years now. However, I have never felt closer to it than I do today, which explains why...

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[December 16, 2013]

'Harvest of Fear' and the 2013 Elections in Zimbabwe

Africa, Elections

By Charles Mangongera, Movement for Democratic Change

Zimbabwe has just come out of an election in which Robert Mugabe and his party ZANU (PF) gained a two-thirds majority in...

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[December 11, 2013]

On Human Rights Day, Maintain Focus on Protecting Peaceful Protest and Assembly

Africa, Asia, Central/Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America/Caribbean, Middle East/North Africa, Freedom of Assembly and Association

By Jeffrey T. Smith, Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights

The following is an excerpt. This post originally appeared in the Huffington Post Blog on December 10, 2013. To...

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